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Tiling and Insulating your conservatory are becoming ever popular. Certainly, over the last couple of year’s technology has moved on leaps and bounds. The latest Composite tiles are fantastic and have now mirrored the character of slate. These tiles now are very light weight, durable and being manufactured from limestone ,virgin resins and moulded to capture genuine peaks, plateaux and curves just like real slate.

Some of our accredited contractor’s have negotiated up to a 40-year warranty for these tiles which is not only amazing but it will give you confidence when purchasing. One of the main differences is in weight. A slate tile will weigh 38kg with a size of 250 x 500 mm as opposed to the composite only weighing 12kg/m2. The colour choice is great with 8 to choose from. Because the design is through UV stabilisation this means they do not loose colour so you are adle to match up to the characteristic of your home without the feat the tile will fade. So, what has been achieved is a tile that is strong, versatile, light and recyclable which is great for the reduction of carbon emissions together in helping to save money, saves energy, protects ecosystems and wildlife, and more importantly reduces the needs to harvest new materials .As far as the insulation is concerned, we have extensively researched the market and have found the most suitable Accredited Contractors. As explained in our internal insulation section, most foil insulation is not fit for purpose due to degradation as it can’t get rid of the heat. Therefore within 3-4 years you will not have any insulation left. All these foils are dark space insulator’s and have no reflection value. Researching the market, we experienced a lot of consumers were very disappointed with the outcome. The Conservatory had become useable all year round and now they were back to square one. We then looked at Companies House and found many of the Polymer companies had either gone into liquidation or had been dissolved, our concern then was they still trading but under a different name and not a transparent operation? We therefore urge you to use our Free of Charge Service to ensure you are only dealing with the best. Money is hard to come by so please don’t waste it simply buying on price. There is an old saying in the Home Improvement market, buy cheap buy twice.

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