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Due to recent changes Solar Panels are now free from VAT!

Households could face additional taxes if they refuse to replace their gas boiler with a heat pump, it has been proposed.  The Government is striving for most homes to remove their gas boilers when they break down after 2035 in a bid to move home heating to net zero by 2050.  In our cost-of-living crisis we at Consumer Advisory feel that Government assistance is a help but not fully thought out. Heat pumps must be run off Solar panels during the day but when night falls there is a serious need of powerful batteries to run our homes at night. It seems to us obvious that we all spend more time in the evening and dark mornings, so this is still going to cost the Consumer high electric bills.

A correctly set up system with heat pumps, efficient latest technology radiators, solar and of course batteries will assist the consumer in lowering their bills.  There is also some talk that the Consumer could face higher Council tax bands which once again means an increase in costs for having a standard boiler whatever fuel it runs off. Therefore, some councils may introduce a stealth tax for anyone who is not going down the Heat Pump route.

We therefore urge you to use our Accredited Contractors and look at the complete system with batteries rather than solar panels on their own.

Reaching net zero is necessary but unless an individual full survey is carried out and recommendations are made the government’s support of £7500 to every household may well not be enough. Last week, an influential figure in the country’s infrastructure urged Rishi Sunak to close Britain’s gas network and instead roll out heat pumps.

A National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) recommended backing electrification as the “only viable option” for decarbonizing buildings at scale to reduce the reliance on volatile fossil fuels, lower energy bills in the long term and meet the UK’s climate target.

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) estimates it can cost between £7,000 and £13,000 to install an air-to-water pump, while ground source heat pump installations are estimated to cost between £14,000 and £19,000 but that does not include the Solar or battery backup system. Therefore, we would recommend our Accredited Contractors who will advise on installing the correct system. We would also point out that the grant to every household needs to be severely increased. Surely all households are looking to reduce their energy use but primarily keep their households warm.

Steps should be taken to contact Historic England and the English Heritage as the laws, covenants can be a mind field and with this comes a massive increase in cost against a modern household for Heat Pumps and Solar.

Reduce your carbon footprint and help save the environment – Air source heat pumps produces renewable energy, meaning it doesn’t produce any harmful pollution. This technology is a way that each property can help towards protecting the environment and tackling climate change by utilising natural sustainable resources.

At Consumer Advisory we have Accredited construction experts specialising in renewable technology installation. They have a proven track record evident from our extensive portfolio of renewable installations across the UK.

They have close partnerships with leading manufacturers through our distribution arm meaning we can ensure you receive the best quality products at competitive prices or if replacement or additional parts are required we can we can quickly and efficiently source the materials.

With their experienced in-house technical teams, they will provide you with a tailor-made service from site assessment to the design and planning stages, through to completion, ensuring all your requirements are met and that optimum renewable systems are delivered at competitive prices.

One of the key factors in installing an air source heat pump and solar panels is to search for the best electric energy supplier. After extensive research we found one company who stood out from the crowd, octopus energy. Their customer service is second to none and their range of products and service is excellent.

Having a separate tariff for Renewable customers really shows you how they treat people.

Our managing director switched, and it vastly reduced costs, click on the link, and get a £50 fee referral to you and to him. Once you are an account holder you too can enjoy the referral incentive programme yourself.


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